Sport at the Service of Humanity is the only Sport and multi-Faith movement with a vision to see a world where we Live Like We Play!

Combining our passion for Sport with the values of Faith, we aspire to make a difference in the world through:

Inspiration: “Sport for Life” – inspiring and promoting the importance of values in Sport and in Life through the sharing of ideas and inspirational stories.

Inclusion:  “Sport for All” – advocating for unity and inclusion in Sport regardless of race, gender, ability or creed.

Involvement:  “Sport for Change” – highlighting the transformational power of sport to serve humanity.


Guided by these 3 Pillars – Inspiration, Inclusion, Involvement – we aim to achieve our mission and grow the Sport at the Service of Humanity movement through:

Facilitating dialogue among stakeholders in the Sport and Faith communities through conferences and events, we convene local, regional and global gatherings of thinkers, influencers and decision makers from various sectors that encourage the free flow of ideas and diverse perspectives.

Guiding and supporting the development of partnerships, we collaborate with individuals and organizations to create engaging and meaningful programs that will have long-lasting impact and legacy.

Providing content to support our partners in developing creative and compelling stories that bring Like Like You Play to life!


SSH has already inspired some incredible initiatives around the world.
Below are examples of some recent and upcoming ones in the works.


Allianz - Humanity Sport Club Youth Mobile / Digital Platform

We are collaborating with Partners and organizations to integrate the Principles into existing initiatives and/or to develop new programs based on shared values and objectives.

We are currently working with our Founding Partner Allianz, who has committed to continue its financial and strategic support of the Movement.  Through Humanity Sport Club, Allianz is helping to build a youth-focused mobile communication tool which will serve to inspire children to “take the next step” via faith, sport, and the 6 Principles. This is just an example of the powerful partner programs we can develop and collaborate on under the SSH umbrella.

In addition, we have inspired a number of organizations who share our values and vision.

SSH in the Community

We are developing a community toolkit that will be used around the world to teach and encourage everyone, especially youth and kids, to think, live and act in accordance with the SSH Principles. This is an exciting initiative that will help bring SSH to Life within communities on a global scale.