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“This is the moment when we can restore our faith in Faith, and belief in the values of Sport, as a metaphor for life”

Faith is perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of humankind – the belief that we exist and function for a purpose; and that we can live in a way that enhances not only our lives, but also the lives of those around us.

Sport, in its simplest form, is one of the most extraordinary of human activities.
Sport imposes rules that point to a fair contest, equal opportunities for all, entertainment and enjoyment, and provides participants with the opportunity to stretch their physical and mental limits, share common values and experiences.

With all the challenges and issues the world is currently facing today, it is timely and necessary for Faith and Sport to remind and re-awaken people to the massive power for good that these two pillars of human life can provide.

The Sport for Humanity Movement


In an age where the focus seems increasingly to be on the final outcome rather than the journey, Sport at the Service of Humanity is a reminder of what really matters in life:


Every person, no matter what their faith or background, has the capacity to embrace and live by these core principles, though many have forgotten their importance. By bringing them back to sport and by encouraging all athletes, and sports organizations, whether they be professional or amateur, to embrace these fundamental values, we will begin to shift hearts and minds.

Sport at the Service of Humanity provides an opportunity to combine the emotion of faith and sport into a powerful force that can make a real difference to our world. We want to create a voice for honesty, inclusion and acceptance, and remind people of how incredible it feels to do and be good. We want to remind people that whether in sport or in life, what’s important is how you play the game, not about whether you win.

At the end of the day, it is the moments in life and what we do with them, how we treat others and how we treat ourselves that make the difference and define who we are as a society – both in our communities and on a global scale.

“It will be an occasion to come together to face up to the great challenges of contemporary society, which are shared interests for the world’s sporting and religious communities: how to live with respect for all, with increased understanding of each other’s traditions and values, fuller and healthier lives, more integrated communities. Sport is also of such fundamental importance for education, allowing young people especially to open up to the trials of life, putting themselves to the test, crossing boundaries, meeting opponents on a fair playing field while striving to be the best they can be, in some sense aiming for the Transcendent.”