About Vie

Vie is a new sports and entertainment philanthropy company that has developed a proprietary technology that integrates social competition, collaborative fundraising and social media sharing to activate B2B and B2C engagement and giving. Vie’s vision is to revolutionize philanthropic giving by elevating it to an art formtransforming fundraising into the “ultimate competitive sport,” and acknowledging/rewarding those that “Vie for Good.”

The company will do so by creating and powering sustainable, real and virtual events and campaigns, using matching donations, collaborative fundraising and sponsorship dollars to benefit large not-for-profit organizations (NPOs) and worthy causes that don’t have the resources to do their great work.

Partnership Vision: Sport for Humanity + Vie

Sport for Humanity and Vie have partnered for the purpose of accomplishing transformative, global, sustained impact in the Service of others.

Sport for Humanity envisions a world where we Live Like We Play, and Vie delivers a disruptive technology platform which enables that new world vision through specific actions, and a crowd-source solution engine.   Combining their shared passion for Sport with the values of Faith; and the reach and efficiency of Technology, Sport for Humanity and Vie will leverage their unique strengths and networks for good.

Leading this unique and pioneering collaboration from Vie are Molly Sanders and Steven Schwartz, who will come on board as Sport for Humanity Global Patrons.

Molly Sanders, Vie Co-Founder

“We are deeply honored and excited to team up with Sport For Humanity as Vie’s first, and therefore foundational, strategic global partner, which has tremendous significance,” said Molly Sanders, Vie Co-Founder and lead investor.

“I say to you that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Jesus addressing Simon, Matthew 16:18

“In a relevant analogy, we view Sport For Humanity, its multi-faith inclusion, the Vatican, Pope Francis — and his vision that the power of faith and sport can change the world — as the bedrock upon which Vie has chosen to build its global brand, from the ground up, for the good of humanity,”

“What will Vie give? All the blood, sweat and tears we have, to make the SSH-Vie dream a reality. We simply cannot wait to get started, and see it through.”

Steven Schwartz, Vie Co-Founder and CEO

I believe that God gave us the desire to compete and connect with each other and the desire to give help to those in need. “

“The people of the world need help. In the past six months alone the world has suffered greatly. An escalating health pandemic in COVID-19, recognition of racial injustice that’s led to rioting in the streets, and negative rhetoric leading up to what may well be one of the most divisive elections in U.S. history. Nonprofits losing staff, reducing social services and closing down at a time they are needed most.”

“Ever the optimists, our Vie management team is focused on the positive.  We’re about to launch a new global sports and entertainment platform with proprietary interactive technology as a marketplace solution designed to socialize competition and activate giving – via collaborative fundraising, real to virtual competition, and corporate matching dollars – to solve the NPOs ‘pain points’.

“Together with Sport For Humanity, we at Vie are intent on and poised to raise tens, if not hundreds of millions, in needed funding, reduce budget shortfalls and provide leadership direction at the sport and nonprofit B2B and B2C street levels.  All to make a difference in the lives of people who so desperately need help.”