At a time of unprecedented anxiety around the world, sport at all levels has been affected – and generally brought to a standstill as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


The impact at elite and professional levels will be financially damaging, and many clubs may be forced to shut down before the crisis is over.


Millions of others are being deprived of their regular community activities, will miss meeting up with their friends, competing in their local leagues, and foregoing their regular physical exercise.


And yet, in closing down matches, events, tournaments and even training, Sport as a whole has shown real leadership within our communities.


From the United States to Europe, across Asia and the Americas, sports organisations have been prepared to act to protect fans, players and the communities in which they play. They have also been ready to take steps ahead of government demands, as they recognise the importance of protecting their fans as much as their players.


Sport for Humanity is committed to the values of sport and faith, which enhance our societies: greater inclusion and involvement for all, championing the values within sport and faith of respect, joy, love, balance, enlightenment and compassion.


This is an occasion where those values are respected in full by sports and faith organisations who genuinely put others before themselves. By restricting or cancelling the very events which they were created for, sports worldwide show their true colours as powerful leaders in our communities.



Embodying Values in Sport and in Life

Faith represents Values that we hold dear in life.  Sport challenges us to be our Best.

Sport at the Service of Humanity’s WHY is to Change the World using the combined power of Faith and Sport.

To use Sport as a training ground for the Body and Soul.
To focus not just on Winning in Sport, but Winning in Life.
To harness the power of Sport to Serve humanity.

Our medium is Sport.  Our message is Values.  Our call-to-action is Service.

Sport at the Service of Humanity


We are now exploring opportunities to work with interested parties who share our vision and values to bring the Sport at the Service of Humanity principles to life via three Key Pillars of Engagement:

SSH has already inspired some incredible initiatives around the world.
Below are examples of some recent and upcoming ones in the works.


With His Holiness Pope Francis serving as inspiration, “Sport at the Service of Humanity: The First Global Conference on Faith & Sport” was held at The Vatican in October 2016 — successfully launching a global movement to leverage the power of Faith & Sport as a platform for good.

The historic event, led by POPE FRANCIS, UN Secretary General BAN KI-MOON and IOC President THOMAS BACH, was attended by 400+ key leaders and influencers from the world of faith, sport, business, government, NGOs and other sectors.


We believe sport can make a difference – and not just on playgrounds and sports fields. Join the club: together we can change the game, our lives and the world for the better.