We combine the passion of Sport with the values and power of Faith to Serve Humanity.

Sport for Humanity is a global faith and sport movement with a vision to see a world where we “Live Like We Play!”

We are guided by our Three Pillars

"Sport for Life"

Inspiring and promoting the importance of Values in Sport and in Life through the sharing of ideas and inspirational stories.

"Sport for All"

Advocating for unity and inclusion in Sport regardless of race, gender, ability and faith.

"Sport for Change"

Harnessing the transformational power of sport to be a catalyst for peace, development and social change.

And our Six Principles







To achieve our mission, we...

Featured Posts

Sport for Humanity has inspired some incredible initiatives around the world. Below are examples of our collaboration with partners to date.

Humanity Sports Club

Global Digital Community

The Humanity Sports Club global digital community is a joint initiative between Sport at the Service of Humanity and Save the Dream to provide local faith and sport communities with a global digital resource and knowledge-sharing platform.