Sport brings us together – we meet one another across borders and boundaries, we learn to compete as collaborators in the game, to respect and have compassion for one another even in opposition.

The Milwaukee Sports Collective digital platform, launching in early 2024, will facilitate dialogue between the sports and faith communities in Milwaukee. The tool will bring collaboration and partnerships to life in a real, impactful and lasting way. Digital dialogue within a locally focused network will lead to seamless connections between those seeking resources and those offering support, enabling leaders from both circles to collaborate, exchange needs and solutions, share best practices, network, and collectively overcome challenges.

MKE S.C. is a web-based app that will help sport-for-good organizations become more efficient, while helping them promote positive values and principles which are shared with the multi-faith communities.

This initiative is inspired by The Vatican Dicastery for Culture and Education, and jointly conceived by Save the Dream and the Sport at the Service of Humanity Foundation. Join us in revolutionizing how sports and faith communities uplift and support one another.

Who Can BenefIt?

This digital platform “tool” is designed for a diverse audience, including local sports and sport for good program leaders, coaches, teams, tournaments and conferences, as well as faith leaders and volunteers / resources of any faith. Anyone involved in youth, high school, college, adult amateur or professional sports is encouraged to join the MKE Sports Collective.

How To Use

In search of volunteers? Looking for a practice facility – or have one to offer? Need help with transportation? Want coaching advice, or best practices on how to run your program? Want to promote your programming? Need insurance coverage for your participants? The Milwaukee Sports Collective tool can help.


Access to a pool of volunteers willing to provide support across a variety of needs.


Access to different gyms, fields, parks and rec facilities, and help with insurance coverage and transportation for programs in the Milwaukee area.


Access to a variety of curriculums including topics such as training, background checks, mentoring, parent engagement and program content.

How It wIll work

The Milwaukee Sports Collective digital platform tool will launch in early 2024.

Your journey will begin by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you will create an account and take a matchmaking survey. Our algorithm will then pair you with others based on your interests, needs and goals. After that, it’s in your power to leverage the network and engage with our resources.

Learn more on our FAQs page

What's next?

We unveiled the launch of the MKE S.C. digital tool during the 2023 Sport at the Service of Humanity Conference held at Marquette University. Our objective is to introduce similar tools at each of our annual conferences, including the event scheduled at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, in 2024 –ensuring that the impact of our work in that region, like in Milwaukee, lives well beyond the end of the event.

JoIn the communIty

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