Milwaukee Sports Collective — Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Milwaukee Sports Collective?

The Milwaukee Sports Collective will launch in early 2024. Please click the “Sign Up Now” button next to “Join the Community” at the bottom of the Milwaukee Sports Collective page and share your contact information to receive updates.

Who can use the Milwaukee Sports Collective?

The Milwaukee Sports Collective is a digital platform designed to bring together leaders from both the sports and faith communities, encouraging collaboration and shared learning between the two groups. Examples of members will include league directors, coaches, foundations, and religious leaders of any faith.

What kind of resources can we access through the Milwaukee Sports Collective?

Our platform will offer a range of resources, including networking opportunities, best practice sharing, and problem-solving support. Additionally, we will provide access to a network of affiliated organizations and professionals in the Milwaukee area.

What specific features does the platform offer to facilitate networking and collaboration?

Our platform will provide a comprehensive set of tools, including online resource libraries, discussion forums and direct messaging, enabling networking and collaboration among members.

Will resources be tailored to my organization’s needs?

Yes. Everyone who signs up to use the tool will receive a matchmaking survey equipped with an advanced algorithm to ensure you are connected with other Milwaukee Sports Collective members with similar interests and needs. This customized approach will help deliver relevant resources and opportunities tailored to you and will enhance your collaborative experience.

Can I promote my organization’s events or activities through this platform?

Yes, our platform will offer the opportunity for users to promote events and activities, allowing you to showcase your organization’s initiatives to the Milwaukee Sports Collective community.

Who will manage the tool?

We will be hiring a locally based individual to manage and grow the Milwaukee Sports Collective digital platform. In doing so, this program manager will lead the strategic planning and tactical activation of the tool, facilitating digital dialogue between the existing sports and faith communities and inspiring collaborative partnerships.

Is the Milwaukee Sports Collective open to individuals or is it strictly for organizations?

You can sign up as an individual or as a leader on behalf of your organization.

Are there any costs associated with using the Milwaukee Sports Collective?

The platform is free for all users at this time.

How does the platform ensure my privacy?

We take privacy very seriously. Our platform utilizes secure authentication and data encryption while allowing users to manage their privacy settings. We also hold the matchmaking survey results in strict confidentiality.

How do you verify user credentials?

Before officially joining the Milwaukee Sports Collective community, each person who signs up to use the tool will be vetted to ensure organizational affiliation.

How do I find out more information?

For more information, please contact Philip Leopold. Contact information below.


Philip Leopold
CEO and Executive Director
Atlanta, Georgia – USA
+1 (678) 488-4373

[email protected]