Sport For Humanity Foundation Supporters

Sport at the Service of Humanity Foundation acknowledges the following individuals for their financial contribution and commitment to combining their passion for sport with the values of faith to see a world where we Live Like We Play!

Their generous donation will allow us to continue our work in championing our Three Pillars and bringing to life the Six Principles of our global faith and sport movement.

"Three Pillars"

Inspiration. Inclusion. Involvement.


Mr. Stephen Revetria

Mr. Mike & Mrs. Nancy Vespoli

"Six Principles"

Compassion. Respect. Love. Enlightenment. Balance. Joy.


Mr. Zack Bates
Mr. Philip Leopold
Mr. Nick Marrone
Mr. Steven McCarthy
Mr. Ahmad Nassar
Mr. Ben Reiling
Ms. Chantal Sathi
Ms. Eleanor Shriver-Magee
Mr. Howard Smith
Ms. Malu Marella Sulit