Australia and Fundlife International

Australian Embassy to the Holy See Helps Children in the Philippines Stay Safe-at-Home

In February 2021, Sport at the Service of Humanity received generous funding from the Australian Embassy to the Holy See. Thanks to their contribution, Sport for Humanity was able to create 50 Safe-at-Home educational kits for young people in Tacloban City, Philippines who have been unable to go to school due to the lockdown. These kits are extremely important to help kids stay engaged and connected to school, and therefore more likely to return once schools reopen.

On Friday, March 26th our local delivery partner FundLife International delivered these Safe-at-Home educational kits to 50 families (291 individuals) who have been very hard hit by this pandemic. The kit included essential school items, a hygiene kit with PPE such as a mask and face shield, a food pack and an educational pack, plus an activity book designed to help them navigate the psychosocial challenges of the pandemic.

Australian Embassy to the Holy See donates money for Stay-at-Home kits

“The educational packs are already a big help to our family. It includes school supplies for me and we were also provided with load cards. It’s useful for us who rely on the Internet nowadays to answer modules.Thank you to FundLife and Sport for Humanity for not hesitating to help those who are in need.”

— Student

“We are very grateful for the food items included in the pack. My husband lost his job because of the pandemic. We have nothing to rely on but our vegetable garden, the food items are already a huge help.”

— Mother